Is the MS-203 worth it?

July 8, 2022 Off By Nick

Microsoft is here to stay if there is one universal truth about IT. It is ubiquitous in almost every industry, from large corporations to small businesses. It is only natural that Microsoft has a long history of Exchange servers.
The MS-203 covers all that a messaging administrator needs, greatly increasing their marketability. Many Exchange administrators don’t have an MS-203. You may be wondering if it is worth the effort. Let’s talk about the MS-203’s objectives, the exam, who should take it and whether the exam is worth the effort.
What is the MS-203?
The MS-203-Microsoft 365 messaging certification assesses a candidate’s ability and willingness to fulfill the duties and responsibilities required of a messaging administrator. These duties include:
Configuring Exchange servers with security protocols
Server management

A candidate must also have these skills. Let’s now look at MS-203, the exam format and its price tags. Then we’ll break it down subject-by-subject.
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Start trainingHow much does the MS-203 cost?
The MS-203 exam is $165 USD. This is a bargain compared to other cert exams. Multiple choice, multiple select, case study, and fill-in the blank are the formats of this test. The exam has sixty questions. Candidates should spend approximately two minutes per question.
The MS-203 also has a retake policy. Within 24 hours, you can retake the test once more times. If you fail to pass the test again, you will need to wait 14 days.
What is the MS-203 Test?
Now it’s time for us to talk about the meat and potatoes. The MS-203 can be broken down into four domains. Here’s a list of them and how they are weighted.
Manage Organization Settings and Resources (30-35%).
Plan and manage the mail architecture (20-25%)
Plan and implement a hybrid configuration and migration (20-25%)
Secure the Message Environment (20-25%)

The exam focuses on the creation, maintenance, troubleshooting, security, and administration of the mail architecture in your organization. It is helpful to have a basic understanding of concepts such as setting up email policies, analyzing transport logs and using Microsoft 365’s Advanced Threat Protection.
Candidates will also need to have a solid understanding of how to configure and manage Outlook on a mobile device, Azure ID Access and Management, as well as how to implement top-level hierarchies for public folders.
Who Should Take the MS-203 Exam?
The MS-203 exam is for people who have experience as a message administrator or Microsoft 365 generalist. This exam is not recommended for those who are new to the administration of this system. The MS-203 exam is great for anyone who needs to validate their skills. Let’s focus on those who would benefit from this exam.
MS-203 for IT Helpdesk Associates
IT helpdesk associates are the indispensable grease that keeps any company’s wheels turning. They must have a working knowledge of a wide range of software, hardware, procedures, and other technical issues. They have the potential to develop into any long-term IT career they want. One such profession could be a messaging administrator. Because they have previous experience in configuring security protocols, resetting user passwords, and troubleshooting users issues.
Many companies offer smartphones to their new employees in this digital age. A member of the IT helpdesk will usually set up ActiveSync between the employee’s phone and their desktop. Fortunately, ActiveSync technology as well as configuring Outlook on a smartphone will likely be covered in the MS-203 exam.
MS-203 for Messaging Administrators
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