Master Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

Master Cross-Functional Team Collaboration

September 30, 2022 Off By Nick

Complex digital projects require cross-functional teams that include people with different perspectives and skill sets. Teams need to be cohesive in order deliver high-quality products in a well-organized manner.

Galen Low, DPM Expert, will share his method for building team cohesion. This removes friction from collaboration, reduces project uncertainty, and creates natural opportunities for cross-training so your team can deliver on a single product vision. And you get some personal growth!

We will discuss the entire project lifecycle, and then we will focus on strategies to leverage the strength of cross-functional teams. We’ll also show you some resources that you can use in your projects immediately.

What you’ll learn

How to identify your unique project team dynamic
How to align your team towards shared goals
How to foster collaboration and individual accountability
How to overcome common challenges in team cohesion

What you’ll be able to do

Executing projects in a way to eliminate silos and stereotypes
Being a champion for cross-functional collaboration
Cross-training opportunities on the job for your project team
Becoming a digital delivery leader in digital communication


Sample Team Member Questionnaire (.docx)
Example Team Availability Chart (.xlsx).
Sample Team Manifesto (.docx)
Sample Project Network Diagram (.pdf).
TEMPLATE: Project Network Diagram Google Draw (.pdf)