Mavenlink Review 2022: Top Features, Expert Opinion, + Demo Video

Mavenlink Review 2022: Top Features, Expert Opinion, + Demo Video

September 30, 2022 Off By Nick

Mavenlink’s project dashboard allows you to see what items are on the go, when they are due, and how much they cost.
Price: $11/user/month. 14-day trial free
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Mavenlink software is a professional service software that businesses can use for optimizing resources and improving operational performance.
Mavenlink, unlike other project management softwares, is a cloud-based software that is specifically designed for professional services teams. Team managers can manage projects, planning, timesheets and analytics from one dashboard thanks to real-time updates.
It combines all of the essential features of project management software (like task assignment, time tracking, project planning, and task assigning) with additional tools such as resource utilization, budgeting, financial expenditures, budgeting, and analytics. All of these tools can be used by managers to track project status, timelines, and health in real-time.
Mavenlink allows project managers to create accurate forecasts, visualize profits, costs, margins, and visualize the entire project pipeline.
Mavenlink’s project dashboard allows you to see what items are on the go, when they are due, and how much they cost. Price:Pricing available upon request
Trial: 10-day trial
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Final Verdict
Pros and cons
Project management platform that offers customizable templates, analytics, as well as open API.

There are many customization options available to suit small and big businesses.

Easy-to-navigate user interface

Pre-built templates for different uses

Complete billing, time and expense tracking

Resource utilization management to reduce capacity percentages

It is impossible to edit task comments on project boards

Pricing transparency is lacking

Trial for a short time

Expert Opinion

Project management software must be doing something right if it’s been named the best by Forbes or Gartner.
Mavenlink appears to be a well-designed project management tool. It’s clear that Mavenlink is much more than just a project management tool. It is a rare combination of resource and project management with just enough features around financials and planning.
Mavenlink’s best feature is its ability to be used as a professional service software. You can create task lists and assign them to team members. You can also build project plans using Gantt charts and timelines. You can also track completion rates and resource usage. You can add the file storage and issue tracking features, as well as time and invoicing tools, to make it a complete-service tool that can manage your team.
There are always the bad things, so I have to highlight some of Mavenlinks pitfalls.
The largest one? The price tag. Mavenlink’s pricing is opaque, which is a pet peeve of mine. It forces you to jump through hoops just for a quote on how much you’ll be paying. Don’t be surprised if the plan’s price is in the mid-double figures after you’ve found out. The Professional package starts from $39/user/month. It’s recommended for companies with 1-14 employees. However, the product can add up for larger organizations.
To request a quote on your service, fill out the form on Mavenlink’s website. The sign-up process can be difficult to navigate. The access application must be submitted and you will have to wait for approval before you can become a user.
Mavenlink sign up request confirmation page. It felt like I was trying desperately to get into an exclusive c