Template for Project Proposal and Examples

Template for Project Proposal and Examples

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A project proposal is a document an organization, vendor or contractor creates to indicate their interest in a project. Properly written proposals can help project managers establish credibility and close clients. They also help to secure funding and get the support and approval needed to implement projects.
Project approval is one of the most exciting aspects of project management. A project proposal sets up your project for success. A project proposal template or an example can help you create a winning proposal. Different types of projects and circumstances require different proposals. These examples will give you an idea of the types of proposals and how to communicate with stakeholders.
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Table of Contents
Project Proposal Templates & Sections to Include
Types of Project Proposals
The Key Components of a Project Proposal
Writing a compelling project proposal
Project Proposal Templates & Sections to Include
There are many ways to present a project proposal. It can be either simple or complex depending on your needs. There are also free templates. The format you choose must present a solution to a problem, outline costs and resources, and give an estimated timeline. Below are some sample project proposal templates. You can choose which project details you want to include in each one.
Template for Software Development Proposal by Better Proposals
Introduction and objective
Software features and tasks that are key to your software
Project timeline and process
Case studies
Pricing and budget
How do you get started?

Project Proposal Template by Pandadoc
Cover letter
Executive summary
Project timelines and deliverables
Background information about your company
Budget, billing, terms and conditions

Monday.com – Project Proposal Template
Problem definition
Goals and Objectives
Performance of the project
Major milestones in projects
Cost-benefit analysis

Teamwork – Simple Project Proposal Template
Summary of the project
Background information
Proposed solution
Scope of the project
Timeline and schedule
Authorization and conclusion

Smartsheet – Project proposal template collection
Simple project proposal
Proposal for a project of one page
Offer for a freelance job
Proposal for construction

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Types of Project Proposals
You should consider the type of project when deciding on the format for your project proposal. Your project proposal’s content and angle will be affected by a variety of factors. These factors include:
Who are the stakeholders (internal or external)
Whether the proposal was actually requested (solicited or unsolicited).
The method of solicitation for project proposals (formal vs. casual)
Whether the proposal is for an ongoing or renewal contract
Proposal for an Internal Project
You submit internal project proposals to your company’s board, upper management, or a department within your organization. These groups are either beneficiaries or have the authority to give you the resources you require.
You should have all the data you need to present your case to internal stakeholders when you submit internal project proposals. If not, you will know who to contact. In either case, you should use the data to support your project.
Proposal for External Project
An external project proposal, which is different from the internal proposal, is what you submit outside your company to other parties (also known as external stakeholders). These groups include the government, potential clients, and community organizations.
An external proposal for a project requires more research than one that is internal. Some information is not easily accessible to people outside of their organizations. Therefore, it is important to acquire and package relevant information.