Virtual Reality: Tools to Use in Your Class

Virtual Reality: Tools to Use in Your Class

December 30, 2022 Off By Nick

Reading Time: 1 Minute These are some links that will help you get started with virtual reality.
Oculus Rift
HTC Vive
Google Cardboard
YouTube 360: For use with Google Cardboard. Subscribe to YouTube Virtual Reality channel.
Science: Take a look at this 3D virtual image of the human body.
3D Organon Anatomy
Art & Design: Let your students paint in a 3D space.
Google Tilt Brush
Students should use a VR graphing calculator for math.
History & World Events: Students can virtually experience the moon landing.
Apollo 11 VR
Psychology: Learn how VR can be used to help patients with Alzheimer’s disease or chronic pain

World Languages: Learn a language through real conversations with virtual characters.

Oculus Rift – A Virtual Campus Tour

Corinne has more information. You can view her webinars from your home through The Empowered Educator virtual archive.